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B+ Supply for CV, BV, BC and older Hammonds



This little box allows you to make your A, AB, BV, BCV, CV, D, DV, E organs self contained for power, and not dependent on a tone cabinet or Leslie for power.

Older Hammond Organs like the model A, AB, BV, BCV, CV, D, DV, E. etc. need to get their B+ power from the Leslie 122 speaker or tone cabinet. If you aren't using one of these, then life can be hell. Don't let the lack of a 122 or tone cabinet sully your enjoyment of an older Hammond. This unit provides filtered high DC voltage for the B-plus input for the pre amps on these particular organs. The B-plus voltage is normally provided by a Hammond tone cabinet or a 122 type Leslie Speaker. However, if you want to use a Leslie Speaker other than a 122 type series or a Hammond tone cabinet with these series of Hammond organs, you will need this unit to power up the pre amp to get sound.

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