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Trek II CPR-28 B3/C3 Preamp Rebuild kit



The Trek II ® CPR-28 is a premium product designed to provide technicians with the means to restore like-new operation to aging AO-28 pre-amps. These pre-amps were used in classic Hammond® A-100, B-3, C-3, D-100 and RT-3 organs. The CPR-28 replaces every resistor and fixed capacitor in the pre-amp including the two multi-section can capacitors. While not every tonewheel organ may warrant this level of restoration, the CPR-28 is provided for those organs requiring the very highest level of quality and reliability in the AO-28.

  • Premium quality circuit board construction
  • Ground plane shielding over sensitive circuitry areas
  • Long life / high temperature rated electrolytic capacitors
  • Rugged standoff mounting of wirewound resistors
  • New tone and perc cutoff controls included


Hammond® and Leslie® are both registered trademarks of Hammond Suzuki USA, Inc. Trek II ® is a registered trademark of Trek II Products, Inc.