Limited Warranty Policy for Pre-Owned Organs.

1. Only Hammond organ models B3, C3, D-152, D-155, RT-3 and B2, C2 and the A-100 series sold with one or more Leslie speakers qualifies under the warranty. From time to time certain other organs specified and issued a written warranty specifically are covered under the same terms as this warranty. Customer may have to pay a local technician authorized by us for repairs, and we will reimburse for those repairs. Other terms of warranty execution will be decided by us on a case by case basis.

2. Attaching ANY external equipment to the organ voids the warranty. This includes ANY device or attachment whatsoever not done by our technicians.

3. Any organ, speaker or equipment elevated above floor level or otherwise made inaccessible to where it can't be properly serviced in location must be made accessible before technical service is called. We can't fix it if we can't properly access it. This Warranty will simply NOT COVER any Leslie Speaker or Tone Cabinet that is not on the floor, period.

4. This warranty does not cover pedal tension adjustments, which are routine. We will instruct a responsible party how to adjust the pedals should they change tension with the new humidity and climate of the organ's new home over time. They should only need adjusted once or twice before settling in. The adjustment is extremely simple. Pedal solo units and reverb systems are not warranteed unless installed by us specifically at the request of a customer.

5. The warranty period is 12 months from date of invoice for parts only and 90 days for parts and labor on any Hammond B2, C2 and A-100 series organ sold with Leslie when the invoice specifies the 1 year warranty applies. If no warranty is listed on the invoice, then no warranty applies. If the original invoice cannot be supplied the warranty will be honored according to the applicable warranty listed in our records.

6. After the first 90 days, there is a $150 deductible payable by purchaser on all calls for warranty service. If we come out or send someone out to make a repair and find out that there is nothing wrong with the organ, that the perceived problem is simply operator error, then there is a minimum $250 charge.

7. The Warranty is void if the payment terms for the organ are not met precisely.

8. The Warranty does not apply to organs used in commercial service which are not warranteed.

9. The Warranty does not cover abuse or neglect to the organ.

10. Vacuum tubes are expendible items (similar to light bulbs) and are not covered under the parts warranty. Vacuum tubes will be covered for the initial 90 days of any warranty.

11. Warranty is valid only in the lower 48 States of the USA.

12. Warranty is voided if the organ equipment is moved, disconnected, reconnected or otherwise manipulated by anyone other than Vintage Organ authorized technicians.

13. Whether a specific issue is a "fault" or a normal variance in an organ system will be decided by us. Hammond organs are well known to have their own personalities and sound. Classical and Theatre Organs may need voiced to sound properly in a given room. This is not a warranty issue. If voicing is desired, additional services must be purchased from qualified voicers.

14. All Sales are Final. No Refunds. Within 30 days if you do not like the organ you may trade it for another similar organ. Delivery and setup charges will apply.

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